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In Depth Mobile Money Bandit Review – Money Maker or Sham?

Below is my full Mobile Money Bandit review.

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The product that Mobile Marketers and the entire Affiliate marketing community have been waiting for has finally arrived. The new product named “Mobile Money Bandit” which was created by Justin Elenburg is making all kinds of noise across the web with it’s January 12th release date. Elenburg claims that this product will tap into a completely new way of Marketing with a mobile device, and apparently it has worked, to the tune of $500,000 in 11 months. Those are bold claims. Let’s see what this product is about with this in depth Mobile Money Bandit review.

So I bought this product for $77, which seemed pretty high but definitely worth taking a chance on. There is a video intro which tells you the basic outline of the program and what you will need to do to begin.

Below is a snapshot of the Members Area:

Once you gain access to the members only area, you will see literally step by step instructions on how to make money using pay per call marketing. Right away it became apparent to me that this product was decide for even the most basic marketer, while at the same time catering to the needs of more advanced affiliates.

One of the ways to make money with the Mobile Money Bandit system is with the widely popular affiliate network “Commission Junction” . The techniques discussed in this program tell you exactly how to target mobile phones and how to turn those phones into money.

Below is a breakdown of the 7 menu tabs you see in the members area.


This is where you can view the introductory welcome tour video by the creator, the explanation of Pay Per Call marketing and how you can profit from it. 


This is where you set everything up, such as signing up to affiliate networks and all other registration requirements.  This section will give you STEP by STEP instructional VIDEOS about everything you need before you dive into creating profitable mobile marketing campaigns.  It includes:

  • Video #1 – How To Signup With Commission Junction
  • Video #2 – How To Signup with Commission Junction’s PayPerCall
  • Video #3 – How To Apply For Offers In Commission Junction PayPerCall
  • Video #4 – How To Pull A Phone Number in Commission Junction
  • Video #5 – How To Signup With LinkShare
  • Video #6 – How to Signup With LinkShare PayPerCall
  • Video #7 – How To Signup With LinkShare Lead Advantage Program
  • Video #8 – How To Apply For Offers in Linkshare PayPerCall
  • Video #9 – How To Use Yahoo Answers
  • Video #10 – How To Post A Free Listing On Craigslist
  • Video #11 – How To Use Forums
  • Video #12 – How To Quick Start With Google Adwords
  • Video #13 – How To Setup A Campaign In Google Adwords

This is what the Video Selection page looks like. (Actual Screenshot).


This is where the actual Mobile Money Bandit training videos are located. Below is a screenshot:

The training section get’s down to the meat and potatoes of this product. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to make money with Elenburg’s Tap n’ Talk marketing. You have to sit down and watch these videos to truly understand, and once you do, you will look at this business in a completely different way.

One of the important things that these videos teach you is how to find your target customer and  how to set up mobile marketing campaigns. Once that is complete, it becomes almost automatic, and that is where this program becomes exciting!

Below is a breakdown of the videos.

Section 1:  Introduction to Tap-N-Talk Marketing

  • Video #1 – What Is Pay Per Call
  • Video #2 – How To Get Free Traffic To Your Phone Number
  • Video #3 – How To Do Ads For Mobile Phones

Section 2: Offers and Market Research

  • Video #1 – How To Research Before Applying For A Campaign
  • Video #2 – How To Make A Research Test Call

Section 3: Free Ways to Turn Traffic Into Phone Calls

  • Video #1 – How To Get Free Traffic To Your Phone Number
  • Video #2 – How To Use YouTube To Get Free Phone Calls
  • Video #3 – How To Post An Ad On Craigslist
  • Video #4 – How To Use Facebook Marketplace
  • Video #5 – How To Share Your Story And Phone Numbers On Facebook
  • Video #6 – How To Use Email Signatures To Get Free Traffic
  • Video #7 – How To Create A Blog
  • Video #8 – How To Create A Local Phone Number Sheet For Family and Friends
  • Video #9 – Brief Overview On Local Listings – Google And Yahoo
  • Video #10 – How To Get A Local Listing On Yahoo
  • Video #11 – How To Setup Google Places
  • Video #12 – How To Use Halloo Service
  • Video #13 – How To Setup Your Account On Yellowpages.com
  • Video #14 – Which Sites To Advertise On

Section 4: Paid Mobile Search and the Tap-N-Talk Connection

  • Video #1 – How To Do Paid Mobile Search And Keyword Research
  • Video #2 – How To Use Google Keyword Tool And Separate Adgroups
  • Video #3 – How To Use MSN Keyword Tool
  • Video #4 – How To Use ”Related Searches” In Google For Keywords
  • Video #5 – How To Use Keyword Mixer
  • Video #6 – How To Find Misspellings For Keywords
  • Video #7 – How To Bid On Domain Keywords
  • Video #8 – How to Use Keyword Spy
  • Video #9 – How To Setup Google Adwords For WAP Phone
  • Video #10 – How To Setup Smartphone Click To Call With Google
  • Video #11 – How To Create An Ad With Adcenter
  • Video #12 – How To Write Ads For Mobile Phones
  • Video #13 – How To Use A User Agent Switcher
  • Video #14 – How To Install A User Agent Switcher
  • Video #15 – How To Keep A Track Of Your Cost And Income



If you need to have to advanced tools that will make your road to success easier that I suggest you pay the extra money to gain access to the VIP area. It will ru you $297, but it could make you a heck of a lot more than that in the long run. This are contains things like preset campaigns, advanced ad generating tools and campaign ideas.

If you think you don’t need it because you can come up with your own campaigns or keywords etc, then I recommend you stick with the basic version of this program and don’t purchase access to the VIP section. This section is designed for more advanced marketers.

Mobile Media Buying Battle Plan

3-Minute Mobile Ad Generator

This is where you get access to the software that will give you the codings that will create custom mobile ads via a user friendly interface.  So you don’t need to be a programmer to create visually impacting ads

5-Minute Mobile Landing Page Generator

Again, you don’t need to be an expert programmer to come up with awesome landing page.

Online Tap ‘N’ Talk Lair Forum

Five exclusive Mobile “Mind Meld” Strategy Sessions

Mobile Cost Per Action Training 


This part lists all the links to useful tools to use for your mobile marketing efforts such as:

  • List of useful websites
  • Local Lists and Resources
  • Competitive Analysis Tools
  • Screen Recording Software
  • User Agent Switcher
  • Tracking Costs and Commissions
  • Additional Products and Resources


As the name suggests, this section is for you to submit any queries you have directly the creator and his team of experts in mobile marketing.

I found this bit to be very comforting, knowing that after spending my money, I will get continued support.



While at first I was definitely skeptical about the Mobile Money Bandit programm by Justin Elenburg, I do have to commend him on this incredible product. I can honestly say that I will be dedicated alot of my time to using the methods Justin talks about to try and generate money in new ways online. Any affiliate marketer who considers themselves good at what they do whould always be looking for new ways to make money, and that’s exactl what this prduct teaches. The mobile market is virtually untapped, especially using the tactics Justin talks about.


Beginners. I definitely recommend to try this product if you want to start making money from your computer instead of going to a 9-5 job everyday and earning nothing per hour. If you use these techniques correctly, you can easily make $100,000/year, and that’s going low. The most important thing to have is desire, because the techniques are already given to you by Justin in this product.

Advanced marketers. The techniques discussed in this product are revolutionary. These days it seems that everyone is chasing the same buck, so it is refreshing to see a product that tries to differ from the norm, and offer a new way to make money. I’ve been making money online for many years, in many different ways, however I’ve never tried anything like this program. You can be sure I will now. Why? Because that’s what good affiliate marketers do.

Rating: 4.5/5

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